The Law Offices of Kornis & Associates, P.C.

Credit Analysis & Consultation with Limited Legal Representation 

This service encompasses a full analysis of all three credit reports and credit data disputes-if necessary.  The attorney will submit disputes to the three credit reporting agencies (TransUnion, Experian, Equifax) as well as the individual creditor or collectors involved in the dispute process.  This service also involves providing further evidence or supplmentation (if available) to the bureaus and collectors that may support your  claim.  The service includes followup communications with the bureaus and collectors regarding each credit account in question. Often, the post-dispute communication process can include several hours of one-on-one involvment with the collection or creditor account manager, as well as, several months for the process to reach fruition. 

The dispute process may not conclude to the satisfaction of the client and in accordance to the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). The attorney and client will access the viability  of initiating legal action against the proper parties.  The attorney anticipates the necessity of bringing legal action from day one of representation, and thus has carefully prepared the case file accordingly and followed FCRA dispute protocols: to ensure the client is in compliance and can bring a legal claim against the collectors/creditors and possibly the credit reporting agencies that are involved in the dispute.  It is imperative that one anticipate litigation from the outset of legal representation, because inadherence to FCRA protocols can cause unnecessary delay and expense: which is one of many reasons that it is unwise to trust your issue with non-lawyers and debt/credit organizations. It is impossible for such organizations to grant each file the strict scrutiny required under the FCRA, as well as expend several hours regarding post-dispute followup communications.  For this reason, our law firm has established a legal service in Alabama that can effectively address credit reporting issues and if neccessary and prudent-initiate a legal action on our client's behalf.

This service also provides consultation and recommendations for the client that has insurmountable credit reporting issues, one of which may include bankruptcy. One should rely only upon the advise of a knowledgable and experienced representative that is capable of not only exploring all legal options, but also can initate and prosecute your legal claim against the collectors/creditors and credit reporting bureaus. It is very common our office will  consult clients that have been victim of the bad advice and questionable practices of debt/credit repair organizations; only to find their situation has worsened as a result thereof.  The complexities of credit law and the collector's ability to take advantage of inadequate counsel together render such organizations "toothless"  and inept in representing the credit client.   There are too many variables and too much work to do  regarding credit report analysis and disputes for  an organization to effectively  represent thousands of clients at one time.  It can't be done and unfortunately the unsuspecting  client is completely unaware and typically $2000 or more poorer.

The Law Offices of Kornis and Associates charges a retainer fee of $750.00 to begin representation and the analysis/dispute processes for the client.  Because the Post-Dispute process can in some cases may require several additional months and  legal resources to reach fruition, our firm will also charge a monthly fee of $150.00 until your case file is closed. This fee is charged 30 days after representation commences. Attorney will discuss the details of this fee and also provide an approximation of the length of time it will take to see your issue to fruition. The average time is 60-90 days, but depends entirely upon the complexity and number of credit reporting issues the client has.    

Please click on the above link Post-Dispute Process. It is important that the client understands the entire process our firm undertakes in its representation regarding credit reporting issues.