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Credit Report Analysis & Consultation with Self-Help Tools

This service consists of a review and analysis of the client's credit report(s) in search of inaccurate and obsolete data. Often such data has a harmful effect upon the consumer's credit score.   The attorney will internally prepare an outline of your credit accounts that appear erroneous or warrants further scrutiny, with the aid and assisance  of the client.  The Attorney will speak with the client one-on-one for approximately one-half hour to address the potential issues that surfaced in the analysis.  The client will be provided with sample dispute forms for Equifax, Experian and TransUnion (the three major credit bureaus),  in addition to a dispute form designed for creditor/collectors.  Client will be provided with essentially the same forms that our office may use when representing clients with credit reporting issues.  Clients will be provided explicit instructions for the dispute process, whereby their disputes are in compliance with the Fair Credit Reporting Act dispute protocols. We aim to pin-point potential accounts that contain errors or should be removed. Further, will assist the client through "credit education" in formulating  a strategy whose purpose  is to maximize the client's credit standing. 
It is our goal this service will provide the client with the tools needed to perform the following: (1) become aware of potential erroneous/obsolete credit data; (2) launch dispute of erroneous/obsolete credit data against the credit bureaus; (3) possess knowledge of the practices and tactics of the credit bureaus and collection companies; (4) prepare your file for a possible legal claim against the bureaus and the entities that put the erroneous/obsolete data on your credit report: saving valuable time and money that may be  paid for legal representation in order to prosecute your claim. 

  This Consultancy was designed save the client time and money (attorney fees) by providing essentially the same tools our firm employs when disputing credit data; in addition to,  providing one-on-one attorney guidance  in analyzing potential credit reporting issues. Further,  this consultancy is provided to offer the client a more effective and proferssional alternative to the costly scams and questionable practices associated with the debt and credit repair industries-at a fraction of the price. Don't be fooled by luring  advertisements that state their services are "Attorney Driven" and guaranteed.  Essentially, credit repair organizations charge several hundred to thousands of dollars to simply file a generic dispute. The credit reporting bureaus and collectors are fully aware of these comapnies and their ineffective practices.  There is no legitimate reason to pay thousands of dollars to a non-lawyer that willsimply file a generic dispute regarding erroneous/obsolete data found in your credit report.  It is our goal to prevent one from becoming a victim of debt repair scam industry, and provide the information neccessary to "self-help" resolve their own issue. Further, If the client is unsuccessful in resolving their legitimate credit reporting issue, their file will be in order and ready to we then our   such

  If legal representation regarding your issue is neccessary, a separate Attorney-Client Employment Retainer Agreement is required, and the fees paid for your General Consultation will apply to the attorney approved retainer fee agreement.    The Credit Report Consultation fee  is non-refunadable. Please contact our office prior to payment if you have any questions regarding the  breadth and scope of this  service.

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