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Post-Dispute Process 

The Dispute process begins only after the attorney concludes his analysis of the credit report and consults with the client his perspective regarding potential reporting issues. At this time an overall strategy is formed and there may be multiple communications, including  further research and documentation needed to adequately address the questionable credit accounts. This often involves multiple follow-up communications with the client as well as the creditor/collector. Often, we have to prove our case with the creditor concerning your particular dispute.  Therefore, while the normal dispute process is occuring i.e., the disputes are submitted to the credit reporting agencies in accordance to FCRA protocols,  the attorney is  simultaneously communicating (repeatedly) with the collectors. Note, the collectors and creditors are usually cooperative and open to discussions and  the review of the documentary or other evidence proffered by the attorney to prove that your credit report account data is erroneous, inaccurate or obsolete. 

Often the normal FCRA dispute process will run its course while the attorney continues to  present his case to the collector: this is time consuming but often necessary to bring to fruition the account dispute.   It is common the attorney will continue his efforts for several months after the formal FCRA dispute concludes, which is just one of the many advantages that real one-on-one  legal representation entails when comparing to the services of debt/credit organization mills. The Post-Dispute process simply is logistically impossible with the credit repair mills, and it is a stretch in the imagination to think they have sufficient staff attorneys to properly represent their clients.   The extent of your representation and the performed for by the credit dispute mills generally ceases after the initial FCRA formal dispute.

It is possible and common that after both the formal FCRA dispute and our Post-Dispute processes have concluded, that the collector/creditor intentionally or inadventenly continues to report the disputed data. At this point, the attorney and client will discuss the merits of launching legal action against the proper parties involved.  This will require a separate and new attorney-client employment agreement that must be executed prior to initiating any legal action.   As in all cases involving disputes, litigation should be avoided if possible, but if the FRCA formal dispute and Post-Dispute processes produce unacceptable results, it may be the only remaining option. The Law Offices of Kornis & Associates is here for you which ever course is neccessary to force creditors' and collectors' compliance to the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA).   

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